Oct 31, 2007

H-u-n-g-e-r S-t-r-i-k-e

Its cloudy and I'm hungry
Its Wednesday and I'm hungry again
Its evening and I'm eff-ing hungry again and again
I've been browsing and googling around for some yummy-o-licious's food + recipes
Its killing me...sofely !!!

Basically mum says i'm like a hungry ghost, I gets hungry all the time. I guess I'm a hypoglycemic so I need to eat every few hours or else my blood sugar drops and I will faint or feel very bad wtf. I eat about every three or four hours and if I don't, I become CRAZY! (Siao in Mandarin). T4 I'll always carry along some crackers, bread or etc with me no matter where and when.

Hallelujah !!

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