Oct 28, 2007

I'm getting married !!!!

So TODAY I finally sat down and looked at my class schedule for this semester. Now there are a few obvious problems with it.
(1) it contains 4 classes. but not really bcos 2 are lecture class
(2) i have a 10am class on every FRIDAY *yawn*

Unfortunately, these are classes i have my heart set on. the thing is that i am not a morning person. i think a 12pm would be good to force me to get my lazy ass out of bed at a decent hour. but 10am is too punishing. i'm starting to think that maybe i'll just wake up at 9.55am, 5 mins drive to college, run to class, reach punctually at 10a.m, hope there is no one out there realizing I’m in my pajamas, unshowered, messy hair or mayb some saliva remark on my face, yada yada yada and just hurry home afterwards. *good management planning*

* salute *


wwh86 said...

go class dun bising la u. babi

3=2+1 said...

GOt lor !!! full attendance some more lor !!!

guess who am i said...

congratulations....and celebrationss....