Oct 11, 2007

Yn says Nailis bankrup ^______^

Date : 10th Oct 2007
Time : 9.30p.m

Journey started at 8.30 P.m from Setapak to Nailis..
From moi house -> Yeen Nee's house -> Lao Soo's house ->
Lai mae's house -> Yi-Pei's place...
at last we reach Nailis at 9.15p.m..
Thanks to my road guide -> Ms. Lao soo
Anyhoo, happy playing merry-go-round and
stuck in da middle of the traffic light wif u ->Ms.Lao Soo ><"
who also taught me to ran over da traffic light
Hey !! im a good driver OKAY
i follow LAW 1...*sigh*

Let me begin with a short and simple introduction of moi Convent schoolmates...

1st. Ms.Lao Soo ->

(Ms Lao Soo aka Laughing Buddha)

Laughing Buddha = �� 38 + �� Crazy + �� Blur ..

Peminat setia Nailis's Nasi Lemak ...tambah sambal


(Ms. Yi-Pei da ex-Head prefect)


Yeen-Nee da Ex-Head Librarian


Miss Lai Mae aka 36D

From left : Hiu Mun, yeen Nee and Suk Teng

Conclusion :- Yi-pei win.. See she luff until so happie ^______^
Lao Soo: I dun belif, i ady 3 yrs no shave dy (-_-lll)

OoOOo~~, at last our most famous KPC sudah mali...

-> Miss Chan Kit Yee da President of KPC club

Moi sweet sorority sista ^____^

Even thou we changed and finding our own place in the world,

we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face,

we'll come to each other bcos no matter where this crazee world take us,

ntg will eva change so much to the point where we're nt all still frenz


Truely great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget..

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