Feb 10, 2009

I love surprise *winkz*

Boohoo !

Everyone have been asking me how do i celebrate my birthday
Well, nothing special this year
As there is nothing to shout about when we're reaching to the Big "TWO"

But this year I've a surprise from the boi
Yeaps ! The boi tidied up da messy and dirty room of mine *sweet~*
and then he places this on my bed

Altho i'm so not into flowers as it wither superbly fast
But receiving it once in a blue moon feels GOOD too ..tee-hee
and i received another surprise from my dad, mum and leon
they send me a gift to my office
and this is the picture of my steamboat birthday dinner


Next, is my superbly powderful and wonderful Malacca trip
Its really happy meeting up with cuzzie and win all their money before Chap Goh Mei
*evil grins*
Love ya guys for donating such a big sum of money to this poor lil girl (me)

Xin bring me to ARENA for parteying
Aints its a good and healthy activity
Poses of Net Da Misai
Superbly windy that makes me go "haaaaa~chew~~" all night long
Sweet night for Xin
Crazy night for Net
But Fruitful night for Linda da shorty

Pst! im not going to send her all da pics *bluek*

Gosh ! I started to miss the good ol' days
whereby I enjoyed pulling Linda's hair
and shes kicking my arse
while Xin busy helping our grandma preparing food
*cause shes da oldest among all of us..tee-hee*

Thats all for tonight!


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