Feb 3, 2009

Top 10 blogs

Gosh! Look at my blog archive!!
Meaning, I blogged averagely 7th times a month only *shocked* I’d finally realized that my blog is so so empty, no wonder some people thinks that my blog is death *shifty eyes*
Gee, I think I need to bombard my blog often with lotsa lotsa craps, photos, shits, farts and snorts from now on. Boohoo! Aint ya excited ?! NO?! But I AM!!!!!! *snort*

Today imma is going to blog about which 10 blogs that I'll stalk every single day.

1st :- ♥ Aud

I adore her cutesiness and enjoy reading her random lame jokes *LOL!!*

2nd:- ♥ Suet

I adore her strong will in maintaining LDR *salute*

3rd :- ♥ Hui Ting

I must confess that among all the bloggers, I love her the most. I love her funkiness, writing, pictures, and ………………everything about her esp. her fashion sense.

4th :- ♥ Jing

5th :- ♥ Hui Wen

6th:- ♥ Cynthia

7th :- ♥ BabyGinz

8th :- ♥ VVwens<

9th :- ♥ Kim

Last but not least, of cos is moi blog *boohoo~~*

♥ Click

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