Feb 24, 2009


If u knows me, you know I get tired of wearing the same thing over and over (right now you're probably thinking that I need to temporarily retire my black shorts-navy tights combo). But nothing like my jumpsuit, I can wear jumpsuit over and over that pair with different accessories... I’ll show u my collection of jumpsuit later on.

Jumpsuit it's so chic and casual and perfect for everyday’s wear! And DOES u know jumpsuits were originally designed for skydiving purposes, jumpsuits were made famous by Elvis Presley, who bedazzled the one-pieces in the disco era. Decades later, Jennifer Lopez brought back the trend by wearing a Frankie B. jean version on her J.Lo album cover, and the style was immediately mimicked by everyone from Melissa Joan Heart to Carmen Electra. Now the jumpsuit is back—and hotter than ever, with a plethora of styles for every climate and occasion.

"I like to think of jumpsuits as discreetly sexy, jumpsuits magnify curves, so use them to your advantage so let’s use the style to play up their curves with confidence rather than hide them with wide-legged pants.

And I love harem pants too. People find it like those pajama pants but you’re so wrong!
AND God knows, if fashion designers can put Crocs and Uggs together, they can damn well put harem pants and jumpsuits together too, can't they? Just because you CAN do something, though, it doesn't necessarily follow that you SHOULD do it, and we would argue that the harem jumpsuit is one idea that should have been left on the drawing board.

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