Feb 6, 2009

I'm da Burfday Princess *shy*

When clock strike past 12, I was waiting for someone to text me on my phone to greet me happy birthday and I was superbly excited cause i received few SMSes and calls. I thought none of my friends will remember, and its going to be a utterly lonely birthday this year as my family is not going to celebrate with me but anyhoo, they celebrate it earlier - 5 days in a row *Excited*

Or else i'm going to curse their BOSSES 99 for organizing this kind of dinner appointment on my BIRTHDAY - 6th February !! *Age unreviewable*

And this morning, i received another SMS from Siowen wishing me happy birthday and shes bringing me out tonight. Aww, so sweet of her. I love her to bits. Psstt *whispering* shes bringing me to my favourite steamboat restaurant. Gosh ! I can't wait for tonight's tomyam steamboat dinner, i'm starving *shifty eyes*and god knows we're heading to the club later on. *Boohoo!*

Im superbly excited !

Last but not least :- i would like to thanks Louis, Linda, Jayson, Kw, LiXin, Eric, Ah Mao, Shawn, Melissa, Seet, Yeen Nee, TienTien, HweeE, Jeevitha, Coyie, Sharon Chan, Sharon Kuan, Tim, Wwh, Kenny, Pui Sze, Michael, Kenny, Andrew Y, Siao Liang Shamini, Edna, Joanne Pui Lai, Binita, Felix, Michelle Bunny, Selva , Wui Siah, Mei Yee, Sharon Lao, Mummy, Daddy and Leon, Kenny a.k.a Fai Siew, Nicole Goh, KarYin, Wai Chen, Jason, Sheng Wa, EeLynn, Mae, Janet, Stephy, Arron, Fremen, Ella, Chuen Mun, Eu Kin, Simpson, Orangefish, Liting and etc for all your wishes !

Thanks so much !

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