Feb 14, 2009

Outfit of the day:
White long top from Topshop
Harem Pants from Velvet Ribbon
Camera cum lighter necklace
Brown Gladiator from Sg wang

Warning ahead : Emo post !!!!
Click “X” to exit, scroll down to PROCEED *snort*

I know, I’m a liar
I promised to post yesterday but Imma missing in action *shifty eye*

I’ve been superbly emo for the past few days
Esp on Valentine’s day
I wonder what so special with this day that everyone goes emo-ing around, checking on each other plans, presents and condoms *snort*
And I hate "Birthday" too..
Where everyone wishes me Happy BIG “TWO” "0" and start asking da same ol’ irritating + annoying question: When is u getting married?!
Puik !! I hate it when people asking me dat
You think “GIRLS” only waiting to get marry, pregnant and boohoo~ dies of breast cancer ?


See! I told u... its going to be a superbly emo post!!

And this few days imma is so addicted to Facebook
Yep, Net is way too free in da office..
U can see me posting shitty comment around, browsing leng chai photo(s) tee-hee and report abuse on my cousin profile 24/7 *evil grins*

Talking about my cousin..
Imma freaking missing her like hell..
Yeaps, my biggest enemy on the earth
But shes da one that I heart the most
Yeaps, she’s the one I shared almost all of my dark secrets with (Altho she’s hiding everything and anything from me)
Imma willing to scarify anything just to make her happy
*Yep, so FAKE... I know!!*

And yesterday I almost die of suffocated
(lungful of shitty air around my abdomen, brain and etc)
And the killer is -> Nigel the Editor
Yep, he shits until the whole damn toilet full of his shitty smell *GROSS*
And yet he doesn’t warn or stop me from going into the same cubicle *DUH!*
But luckily the GOD wants me to suffer for few more years before lying down in the coffin
Then only I have the chance to sit here blogging nonsense

Haih ! and there is another Good news…
From now on, there will be less photo(s) from me cause I just went for a hair-do today and I feel like banging my head on the pillow, not wall yet ..tee-hee! Gosh ! How am I going to step out from my house and im headed off to club tonight? Nah! I think I just stay at home and accompany my dog, doing nothing. Aint it sounds FUN ?

Last but not least.

Happy Valentine's Day

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