Feb 22, 2009

I Hate Streamyx!!

I seriously need to terminate off the Streamyx connection and Streamyx should change their name to shitmyx too.. Aint their connection shit?!

This weekend are stressful, I seriously need a long, hot, sensually scented bubble bath and “Quek” along with my rubber duck ... Because I don't get to have a bubble bath much lately but would just love to be able to escape from all the hardship in work force. I seriously need a little rest and relax...Maybe a tour to Europe ~ Boohoo!

I always wish for a relax-able holiday out from the city to Bangkok, Taiwan, Japan, or Hong Kong. But being the little princess in my family, I’m not allowed to have any trip with my friends or boyfriend(s). Yep, that’s totally sucks. Everyone always thought that I have that diva’s lifestyle but you’re WRONG! Yes, W-R-O-N-G... WRONG!!! I’m just a pity lonely OLD bird tweeting in the cage. *shifty eyes*


I need to lost weight!

Yeps, Net the big eater needs to lost weight! Tummy less, Flabby less, Fat less!

Kindly share some healthy diet plan with this pity fat pig *Oinks*

I want a nice hip!!! But let me finish this first.. PLEASE ~~~

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