May 6, 2009

The End

And so begins my new life..
I've tried my very best to maintained but it doesn't WORK
As today I asked for a second chance
and the answer was "NO"
Yep, OUCH~~~~~~
He said everythin was too late, cos he has been with another new girl in
just a few weeks time

(not more than a month after we're officially break up)
Altho I still believe that his the guy that I'll get married and settle down
if I've given the 2nd chance *Farnee*
Maybe your right, maybe his not my MR.Right after all
My friends kept telling me its not worth loving a guy who let me go easily
Maybe ?!!
If i knew it earlier, i wouldn't be sitting here healing my wound
while his with someone else
(as he may know how many persons that I've turned down
just because i'm still loving him)
No worries, i'm getting thru the initial shock, sadness and loss
but i wouldn't hold myself back nemore
since he had moved on with another new girl

I think i shall just blame myself from being such an IDIOT
Falling in love with a guy who doesn't appreciate me
Its good to realized it now than later, aite ?
Altho this is the hardest step, but i'll be STRONG

No worries, my life is now returning to some semblance of normalcy
and my blog remained
(as i'm too lazy to think and to create a new blog),
as he wouldn't care to view or to read anymore
Well, thats the end of a closed-to-four-years-love/hate-stories

Pst: Thanks to those who care about me, I'm truly appreciate it

- The End -

1 comment:

kiM said...

Be strong and take care ya girl! u will soon get ur mr right!!