May 19, 2009

The time to love is short

I've been really bad, bad in neglecting my blog once again
and even think of deleting this unglam blog
*Poking my stupid head*
Anyhoo, thanks for the emails
and sorry for keeping my blog in private mode for weeks
However, I've made up my mind to maintain this unglamorous blog..boohoo
thus I'm goin to update my blog as usual from now on
*Clap hands*


So I'm now sitting in the office, blogging nonsense emo thingy as usual
while eating RM1.30 instant cup noodle
(tomyam flavour! yumm! me like)
Yeap, I've been torturing myself for the past few weeks
I've not been eating or sleeping well, and
I stop going out and mingle around with friends

People around telling me that I've changed
Hmm! I doesn't know whether its GOOD/BAD ?! *rolling eyes*
But I wasn't and couldn't care anymore

Hence, I think I've grow MATURED as day go by
and now I'm a big girl !!
And i finally understand the meaning of :-
"Sometimes its so HARD to let go,
but its easier than holding on to something that isn't there
altho it's "OUCH!!!"
I'm letting go FINALLY *i hope*

I think this is the biggest crisis that i've ever faced so far;
I've never been such heartaching
but when he remained stolid
I know it's time to LET GO!

letting go.........315/365 by Babs1696.
I finally realized that I'm holding onto something
"which doesn't belongs to me" so tightly
which has been affecting not only me, but my family...
So I'm trying to let go...
and i know i'll be struggling..
but in order to move on, I must learn to let go...
letting go something and someone I've been trying to hold on to for the longest time...
*big hugs* to those who are starting a new chapter in your life

P/s: To let go is to fear less and love more

- The End -

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