May 26, 2009


From the previous random post
U know I've not been dressing up lately

FYI i'm a person who hardly made up my mind
t4 i always seek advice from my Fashion Guru/Consultant (JS) teehee

I tends to be very kelam kabut person when ever i'm heading to somewhere
so his the one and only one i would like to seek advice from

such as :

(with belt)
(or without belt)

with cardigan/ without cardigan ?
with heels or sandals ?
dress/tank top ?
skirts/ pants ?
colours ?
but every time I'll choose the one he rejected.. boohoo!
Yep, I'm such an evil with 2 horns
I just loves to annoyed him and irritates him
as usual.. teehee
Aint thats entertaining ?!!

As for now, I'll stand in front of my wardrobe for hours

Pst: Using the same ol' pictures again..
BECAUSE i looks extremely thin in this pics... *shy*
Pardon me pls !

- The End -

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