May 21, 2009

Unrequited love

This blog is my therapy.
It’s one of my forms of expression.
Started off as a method to update my daily life
"The ups and downs"
but it evolved into so much more :- My EMO love life..
So kindly click "Exit"
if you find it bored and uninteresting

as for now, i just want to jot down all the memories I've gone thru with him
so when i'm old and i'm down with Alzheimer,
I'll still able to remember the sweet and sour, the smile and frown
as you know forgetfulness tends to increase with age
I'm not YOUNG anymore.. *big wet eyes*


You may stop worrying about me,
I'm no longer suffering from killer once-sided crush
I know, nothing i can do to change it into a relationship.
I know he doesn't love me anymore
and I can't even make him like me too
How I wish there are magic spells or secret tricks
that will make a person who suddenly feel for you
the way you feel for them
*dream on, i know*
Although it is hard to accept that this person doesn't return your feelings,
and it's pain
but I'd accept the fact and I'm moving on..
I'm awake *finally*, i know there isn't any chance to patch up
so I'll just pray for him
altho i'm still searching for my MR.Right
but i hope his happy with his another half and i know he is
we'll be friends forever

Question : Shall I start a new life with new blog domain or
shall I just make this blog private or
shall I just stop blogging ?

P/s: If I Can Only Be With You In My Dreams, Then Let Me Sleep Forever..

- The End -

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