May 22, 2009

Memories... (Part 1)

...and here is the pictures that i promised this morning

Yeaps, this is one of the best gift(s) i ever received from him..
But now I'm packing all of it into a box and
keeping it in on top of my wardrobe
and tat will remained as one of the sweetest gift from him

Altho i don't know, am i the only one who received such a
meaningful handmade gift from him
but I'm truly appreciate it..
*I'll love him(JS) FOREVER*

Altho this is one of the empty promises from him
but i never blame him about it
Because "Love is give and take"
There's no use in tryin' to hold him back
Though the love has been untrue but I'm still in love with you


Nowadays, I'm so afraid when the clock ticking by
Cause when the clock starts tick-tocking
Thats mean our love is fading off..fading in every single second
and he will keep forgeting each day we've spent together
How i wish the clock may stop tick-tocking
and we'll stay forever and ever

I dunno when will i have the courage to love again
and i dunno when i'll be able to stand up again
but i hope he is happy with his new found love
and as i said, i bet he was
cause i saw his FB's quiz "Have u met ur true love yet?"
and the result was 'they're meant to be together"
and i think my baby knew about it too

Pst: Babe, you still have your mummy

- The End -

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