May 28, 2009

Net is tweet-ing

Net get scolded for not

Can you imagine it ?!

Everyone were TWITTER craze nowadays
But i'm not longer an active Twitter user
I even forgot that i have an account way back in century
*slap me*

Mae : Give me your Blardy Iphone if you're not twittering
Net : *Calling 999* Someone is threatening me.. boohoo!

I remember when i first twitter, none of them were from Malaysia
so most of my twitter friends were from Spore, US, and etc
And now, at least I saw some Malaysian's bulu hidung tweet-ing around
Ain't thats fun to tweet around with someone you're familiar
Let's tweet in our famous Market Rojak English/ Manglish

Pst: Follow me on Twitter

- The End -

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