Aug 9, 2009


The best friend is leaving me again soon,
albeit briefly, to go overseas for about 3 - 6 months.
I'm starting to feel sorrowful and mournful *sob*

I wonder what I'll do while she's gone..
I wonder who'll cheer me up when I'm down..
I wonder who'll accompany me when I'm sad..I wonder who'll kiss me when I'm unhappy..
I wonder who'll sit patiently and listen to my ramai anak story..I wonder who'll bath with me while debating about cups..I wonder who'll dry my hair when I'm busy choosing clothes..I wonder who'll accompany me for tea, food and shoppin..I wonder who'll protect me when I'm being bullied..I wonder who'll chat with me middle of the night via MSN..
I wonder who'll burn the dancefloor with me..I wonder who'll hug me when I'm watching horror/ghost movie..I wonder who'll dance "Jai-Ho" and "Poker Face" with me..I wonder who'll drink, drank and drunk with me..I wonder who'll watch x-rated with me while having supper..Last but not least, I wonder who'll take care her for me..

I missed the last outing session with Machi and Wen
I felt so bad ! and I hate myself so so so much !
Thats the last day whereby the 3 of us can reunited but.. *sigh*

Imma can't stop crying in this few days
till I'm down with fever, cough, sore-throat and migraine..
or else I'm eating Siew Pao at Seremban with her dy.. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I'll never forget the times that we had in this past 5 years.
The heartfelt discussions, the good and the bad.
Take care ! muakx !

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