Aug 16, 2009

Peradventure mode

People said I've changed so much.
I think I grew up *smile*
I stopped letting my emotions control the inner me
and I've learned that I can't always be happy; so I accepted reality.
Sometimes when I'm awake I can taste how bitter I've become,
(Like the smell of coffee)
After all, coffee is bitter, a flavor from the forbidden and dangerous realm.

Growing up is never straightforward.
There are moments when everything is fine,
& other moments, when you're young
& you realize that there are certain memories
that you'll never get back.
& certain people that are going to change
& the hardest part is realizing that
there's nothing you can do anymore,
& realize that everything is going to change.

Time doesn't wait for anyone.
There's a part in everyday,
where I lie to myself and say everything will be okay.
'cause if I don't, I think I'll break down
But the truth is, I only have myself to blame.

There's something in my past that I hasn't gotten over yet.
Each day is like the moment that I can't forget.
It's just an empty space where something used to be.
Now i'm standing in front of the gate cause I lo
st the key.
I cant enter, and he can't come in..
I tell myself not to think too much
So i close your eyes and follow my heart,
I'll follow my heart, follow the flow,
letting my heart to guard my way

- Lynette Lee -


Next : My day with CLY

Most of the time, we'll end up eating, eating and eating
That is why we're having too much flabby tissue *slap us*
but besides EATING.. we lurve shopping,
we can shop til we're drop *slap us twice*

Yep, shopping is one of our most favourite activity besides eating
*evil grins*
and when boringness strikes,
we starts camwhore with silly piggy expression
(Now u now why I'm still single and available)
Well, thanks to her...

Wanna noe what happen if placing both pig together ?
we'll end up with a car full of shopping bag(s) lor~
(Slap us trice)
I know, she's insane !!! NOT ME !! Time is running out,
but i'm truly appreciate every single moment with my loves in OWS

- The End -

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