Aug 4, 2009

Opis craze

Net started to feel lazy applying make up to work
So please ignore Net's pale
puffy huffy zuffy make-up-less face..

Tadaa! Pst~ kindly ignore the one at the left ..teehee
FOCUS ME !! and ME and only ME !!

Advertisement break :
Studded flat glad *heart it to bits*
A must have item of the year

Studded glad, studded Tee for tonight's steamboat dinner
Big T to cover the fats.. *evil grins*

Net just can't wait for the steamboat -_-lll

At last, its time for the eat-all-you-can steamboat
Hurray ~~

Off we go ----- >

Us, while waiting for the soup

Us, eating ice-cream while waiting for the SOUP

Us, eating Satay while waiting for the SOUP

Us, camwhoring while waiting for the SOUP

Where is the blardy SOUP ?!!!
Net almost die of hunger ady !!!

Eat til we stained our pants !!!

7:00 to 9.30 p.m

It's time to go back.. Wee~

Good bye and Good Night !!!

- The End -

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