Aug 4, 2009

Love is a verb

I doesn't know how am i going to talk to anymore cos
you doesn't seems to understand
so this time i choose to blog..
Hopefully you'll found the key point in this post.


Babe, u seriously gotta wake up, smell the problem
fix your relationship and put on your make up..

Bare in mind, you're not me, you're still able to save it!
Wake up before it's too late
Stop being utterly demanding and sensitive
and give both of you more time/space

I know it ain't easy, cause i've been thru
such heartbreaking process too..
FYI, I was asked one day what does LOVE mean ?!
and he told me Love is a verb , something that we share together,
something natural: it doesn't have age restriction,
something you cant touch but you can feel it..

Til then i starts to understand what's love..
I have so many stuff in life that I don’t really understand,
for the fact that I never get along with him..
Yep, we have so many discrepancies,
so many hesitations, questions and doubt not only for our relationship,
but as well as within our self..
but no matter what it takes, for this short period of time,
Now I've learned the feeling of LOVE..
BUT I'VE FAILED ! cos i doesn't have the chance anymore
So now I sleep with sadness in my heart and
hope that tomorrow everything’s will be alright..
and pray that he’ll not gonna say goodbye..
to hope that whatever argument were having, his still there, holding on..
to wish the impossible thing in life..
i learned to feel the true love..
but all of those, i never learned how to love him less in every waking day of my life..
So thats my love story
and i doesnt want u to end up like me

Do not paint the colourful world with black and white

Pst~ remember, the act of forgiveness is the act of returning to present time. And that’s why when one has become a forgiving person, and has managed to let go of the past, what they’ve really done is they’ve shifted their relationship with time

The End

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