Aug 19, 2009

I don't talk, I perorate !

- A quick post -

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
I lurve my studded jumpsuit *smile happily*

I'm truly a jumpsuit maniac, *slap me pls*
i've more than 30 jumpsuits in my collection now
Maybe i really shud post a blog with the title :
NET's 2009 Jumper Collection
(Ew~ sound so unglam huh)


Ain't it looks nicer with blurry effect?!
I just love the simplicity yet edgy look.
Best way to dress up every single morning to work.
A day whereby you'll get a nice parking space,
A day whereby people whistling while you pass by,
A day whereby people will buy u breakfast, lunch and dinner..
A day whereby everything goes smoothly..

But how bout Vintage on Net ?
Ew~ its a BIG NO-NO !!

I am so into vintage all the time
Gee, im vintage and floral obsess
but it just doesnt looks good on me *sigh*

I wore this outfit out for an appoinment at Plaza Damas,
people thought its a school uniform *sweat giler*
Hey, im no longer a lil girl wokay..
*evil grins*
LOL ! JK !

Oh well, I better stick to my simplicity stylo

Found this 2 yrs ago top while im tidyin up my room last weekend
Now u noe y i "Gotong royong" every weekend

Thats all for today

Good nite !!
and Have a nice WET dreams .. teehee

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