Sep 14, 2009

Monday Blues

The alarm rang at 8.30 am
and poignant me sleepily hit the snooze button.
When the alarm sounded again, I hit the "off" button
and lazed for a few minutes in my soft cotton sheets.

Minutes later, its 9.30 am FML
im late ! Shit Shit Shit
Running around not knowing what, where, when and how..
Gawd, why am i so clumsy and stupid..
*Slap me x5*


Outfit of the week :

Zebra dress which make me looks uber fat *hate it*
mayb accesorize it with a belt will be betta
add a blazer, and you can wear it to work too.. boohoo

Blazer is a true must - have in my opinion, they don’t go out of style easily and you can wear them for almost every occasion!

Blazer 3

I am becoming more and more selective in my purchases, sometimes I wonder why I'll buy so much when i only wear some of it? But now i'm paying more attention to colors and cuts- i've noticed that i am gravitating more into black and white

and Net is dressing sluttishly lately.. teehee!
My clothes were lobang here and there
and every where ever since i'm recovered from the 7 years psoriasis..

I feel G~o~o~D
Bought this from Trends Report
and imma loving it

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The End

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