Sep 2, 2009

Trend reports : Hippie headband/hairband

Headbands are a great fashion statement it appears
a total smashing style hit and future editions of Fashion Trend Alerts

Aint its the "Best accesorries of the year" ?!!!

Well, now there is so much you can do with it. If you want new ways to wear a headband for different events such as a more elegant one, casual and dressy. It is super duper easy and a headband is the perfect fix for those bad hair days.

Woo, I love the bohemian look

Any strappy headband or scarf can work and simply tie it around your forehead. Push up hair on top to give it a little tousled look and now you’re a classy hippie.

(Imma have the same one as pix attached! Its so urban.Me like !!)

For the next step up, tie it around your forehead twice for an elegant look that is unique. Maybe a poof behind your bangs, from big to small will make a headband look adorable. Tease your hair and either leave it down or put it in a pony tail and you will have the look.

Tousled hair means you have a lot of different styles to choose from. If you have tousled curls, you can make a headband look cute and simple or chic and classy. Leave some sections of hair in front and place the headband on. Blake Lively has done this sultry look on the scenes of Gossip Girls multiple times. (oo~ me like~)

That's a simplest trick for lazy day. Just simply put up your pony tail and slick your headband back. My favourite fashion icon (Lindsay Lohan) has been spotted numerous times with this look. It’s even great to keep your bangs out of your eyes for those workouts

The End !

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