Sep 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

*singing* Selamat aidil fitri
Kepada saudara serta saudari
Setahun hanya sekali
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini..


A grp pix of us berbuka puasa at KLCC
Thats Cameron, surrounding by desperate aunties *slurp*


Imma looking forward to next month excitedly,
as its going to be the last month for me in this company..
Hopefully this month would be a fantabulous and fantastic month
for me to enjoy every single moments with my lurve esp cly and alyn..
ugh~ imma is absolutely not looking forward to be away from them..
but thats life..
someone would leave and someone always leaves.
ugh~ I hate..
Good-bye(s) !!!
but life goes on..

Seeing 3 of us who had different lifestyles, interest and background
BUT we DO have similar mindset of guys..
We were nonstop talking, gossiping and rambling about guys
while we're stucked in a heavy rain and blardy long traffics..
til we almost write-out a 365 pages's
memoir of love, guy and relationship

Thus we also talked and shared our so-called puppy love stories
while driving without a side mirror *kan cheong i tell YOU*
but luckily we'd reached the destination safely
or else you wouldn't see me sitting here blogging nonsense *sweat*

- The End -

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