Sep 24, 2009

Story of Rendang and Lemang

That day I told my girlfriend that I've got a job offer and a confession from a older guy (35 y/o if im not wrong).. and guess how this psycho lunatic biatch answered me, she shouted at me "OMG! this is abso-truly-crazy" but shes totally agreed that I should look for a older guys to date. She said older guys are old enough to have settled down and had a high level of maturity in terms of love, relationship and most importantly "Sex". Eff her!! She said his enough women to know and I'll require much more than dinner and a few vodka(s) to get into the mood. Best of all, he never makes me late for dinner because of Xbox, PSP and ripped jeans and sneakers stylo.

Seconds later, she whispered into my ear, telling me that older guy had a lifetime of experience to share (in and out of the bedroom) Yep, FML to have such a lovey dovey friend! she keep mentioned that this will likely keep me on my toes (and curling them, too!). Plus, he'll show me how to see life in a different way. No matter how long it lasts or how it ends, you'll walk away worldlier — and will never settle for a measly five minutes of foreplay again. Oh NOO!!! shes in trouble, she makes Net goes cuckoo in Eff-ing mood, luckily she stop this conversation on time and enjoy our yummy-o-licious lunch ~

Lunch finished
and its time for those unglam westernized good bye that we used to.
and before we ciao, she knock and wink at me
telling me to give one another a thrill. FML x 34567837645!!

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TOLANIC said...

Sounds like pedo! @_@