Sep 15, 2009

Talking about love

Fashion blog on pause, continue with moi boring love story
(Requested by a reader)
No worries, no more emo stuff.. its jus something to share
Well, seems like poignant me had been upgraded to
a love story teller
.. boohoo

So lets the story begin..

Well "He looks healthier, fatter and fairer now..."
according to my friend who saw him a week back.
Looks like he is better off without me? aint ya ? I bet so..
and I should be happy. (Yep, I am ... honestly)
I must admit, my terrible lunatic psycho princess behaviour is killing him.
Moreover, I was the one who initiated the break up.
and I was always the one breaking up then patching things up....
so eventually he was sick of me being such a "Twat".
so he finally leave me..
LOL @ me and FML

Well well who else to blame but myself..
didn't treasure what i have till it's gone..

I still remember when we first met via MSN, we talked uninterruptedly for hours, and we continued to talk the next day and the next next day.. After a week when we finally met, we continued to talk and we're deeply in love. I never ever thought we could go that far..
Well well, past tense.. past tense
and I realized sometimes we think someone is the "One" but well maybe they're just placed in our lives to make us learn something? and this time i really learned.. alot!!!
I don't know what the future holds but i'm glad that I've grew up..
and so do you, you ougtha grow up too..

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if you would like to share your love stories, problems and oppinions

- The End -

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