Dec 18, 2009

Net the Puppysitter

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present u mua new job of the week :
Puppy sitting

Yes, basically im now a full-time nanny for a 2 mths old shih tzu.
Dog-walking, training, yelling and etc.. everything except breast feeding..
Its a great yet tiring job.. but its FUN thou

and here is a picture of the monster that im puppy-sitting at the moment

This little maniac (named Apple) is growing fast and active !
She loves running in circles and jumping over things and pulling toys out of the toybox that are three times hes size and dragging them around the house! Kinda clumsy cause she always end up banging into something if I never stop her. Shes adorable when she wasn't terrorizing mua dear lil baby or trying to bite anything available in the house.
I actually like her despite the numerous piles of pee and poop all over the house but her sweetness and lap dog cuddling makes it tolerable.

Shes sorta over-hyperactive, esp night time, thats the reason why I was pretty much a zombie on day time. I didn't get much sleep thou. But it was easy to forgive her when she curled up on the couch with me and we napped together for over an hour.

Thus, here's a picture of Apple and Baby. It was sorta hard to get a moment where both the dogs were sitting still in close proximity, but I did get a couple of the two of them while they busy watching anime (They love anime -_-lll)

Finally I've the time to blog while both of them are absolutely exhausted after a long hour running, playing and fighting.

Last but not least, here's a picture of Apple in her cute pajama and a "senget" bow ribbon

When there’s new life in the house I feel somewhat energized. This puppy sitting job is no different.

U see, aint I'm a great puppysitter ?! *sengih panjang*
I think i can even start a puppy/dog sitting business ;p

Net pet sitting agency Sdn Bhd

* great and excellent communication with the dog
* reliable toilet-training
*house sitting, puppy sitting
* dealing with dog behavioral issue
* stress free environment - good for raising a puppy/dog
* provide freedom gradually

More info : email me at

- The End -


Anonymous said...

Hi dearie,
I just came across your blog and saw this entry on your puppy. So cute...:)
I had a 2 mth shihtzu amd my pup just died last week..which made me devastated. Do take care ya, coz they are prone to many viruses.
Do hope you would post more pics of your cute pup.:)

Lynette said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

Will do. Will upload more pictures from now on as im thinking to record and blog about my good times with both of my babies in my blog soon..

Anyhoo, Take care !