Dec 8, 2009

Read and Grin !

Right now I was pretty addicted in Bejeweled Blitz and Sorority Life at one point and neglected moi Pet Society, Restaurant City, Cafe World, Happy Farm, outing, shopping and etc.
Well, thanks to my beloved evil cousin (LINDA T) who beat my highscore in Bejeweled
im like 'Oh nooooo' this cant be possible....... right ?!
500k is literally sounds so immpoooosible........
owhmuafarkingoat! ya, i mean fark the goat instead of GOD who bless me from.. whateva
and I need more combo(s), hypercube(s), multiplier ..
I hafto crash her down *evil laughing*

Gee, I need to smoke, I need some air...
Basically Christmas is driving me crazy...
right after my BF told me that she bought me a xmas pressie in USA..
*im feeling so delightful in eff-ing mode*
and what am i going to get for her ?!
I need something vava-voom that makes her go gugugaga-ing around,
mayb a hug or kiss thru SKYPE.. Fantastic *sweat*

Luckily and finally I found something interesting and exciting,
I bet shes going to love it like i do *evil grins*
and when i starts to grin, u'll know im thinking stg dirty again.. *winkz*

Yep, im getting her this MAGIC BRA PAD
*jumping in joy excitedly* Imagine pls
This magic bra pad can increase your cup size as big as you desire.
No more airport runways thou!

"No operations, injections or drugs needed to upgrade your cup!"
Its a Safe & Effective Way To Enlarge Your Bust *wink wink*

and if my moods good, I'll get you this .... too

The latest BUTTOCK LIFTING tool... *sengih panjang*
Kid u not !!!

Omg! I love this thread so muchhh..
cos I found lotsa kewl things to buy for myself too.. *wink wink*

P/s: Need one ? I'm writing my order now..

- The End -

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