Dec 31, 2009

Linda and Lynette

Linda da '3rd mushroom' and Net da '6th grandma'

Pst~ Kindly ignore our ohh-soo-retarded yet tired face because we took this at 2 in the morning before we travel down to Singapore for Shhhooopppiing =))

Thats Us!! From left : Net, Linda and Cutie Pie a.k.a Apple..

Linda said we should camwhore with 'Guan Yi Gor' *sweat*
Gee, my arms are FLABBY -___-lll

We started to move backward when we noticed that we looks "Fat" in those picture
(aint its betta now ?) tee-hee

My-Oh-My! We looks good now!! =))

Linda threatening apple with her 'so-called gun'

Linda showing and highlighting her dimples *sweat x2*
Linda forcing me to smell her armpit *sweat x3*

- The End -

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