Dec 24, 2009

Spun of depressions

You changed constantly.
What started out looking like a knight in shining armor ended up being a monster that overtook my life.

It was sad to see you acting that way.
But you wouldn't know how fearless I am
I'm scared to meet you
I'm scared when you text/call
I'm scared when you start torturing yourself
but mostly I'm scared of YOU
I want to believe you, I want to trust you
but I'm scared and keep thinking about the worst possibility that will happen to us
and I don't know how and when to believe you nemore
You never know how upset and depressed I am,
and you'll never knew..

Thus I'm suffering from sleepless night too..
From the anger under construction
and tension bulging the walls
with so much unhappiness.
How quickly we build walls of silence and fear.

- The End -

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