Jan 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !!!

Happy New Year everyone !!! *I know I'm sorta late again*
I've been really really bussy lately...

Thus Net's New Year Resolutions will be putting on hold..

Cause I'm going to blog about my Singapore trip first ;)) whee~

Warning !! Tons of pictures ahead !!!

Tadaaa !!!

Check out our tired yet pain-ass picture after a long hours ride from Malacca to Singapore..
We gossiped all the way to Spore.. Proud to admit ;p

Woops, what happen with Xin ?
Ohh~ Xin forgot that she havent apply any make-up yet ;p

and yet she still posing happily with me...
Ini panggil camwhore spirit!!! Salute 99 !!!

Us camwhoring again.. while waiting for "Kai Ma"
1 hour later...
1.30 hours later...
2 hours later...
2.30 hours later...Xin starts to merajuk cause she's starving and sleepy like hell...
We don't really had enough sleep after a havoc Christmas dinner at Clarice's place..
*still waiting for the pictures*

T4 we start taking lotsa crazy and cuckoo pictures ;p to avoid falling asleep in the mall


My-Oh-My! I don't know when Xin took this picture
but imma loving it ^___^
at least i don't looks like a weirdo

Oh, did i tell u its a family trip. So thats me and my mum..
Pst~ I know i looks much prettier *cough*

and thats my bro *sweat*
Orchard time !!!
Not much picture cause it's extremely packed with people..
I hate crowded place =((

Uhm, I know i looks uncomfortable.. Dad asked me why I just can't stand still while I'm taking picture *sweat*


Second day :

(Outfit of the day)

Not many pictures on the second day bcos its a shopping spreee day =))

And here we are, after a long hour shopping at Bugis with Xin and neglected our yummylicious breakfast and lunch with relatives

Us running around from left to right, up to down - posing beside Christmas tree *sweat*
Thanks to my "Kai Ye' who forced us to do so... as if we're stil a lil kid

and this is my cute lovey dovey grandma..

*how I wished that I could post all my Spore's loots over here*


Anyhow, this is one of the outfit i bought at Singapore, I know it looks like those traffic officer's uniform but Im loving it *so so so much*.. and dad even made a sarcastic joke about my clothes ;((

This is us again, who just came back from last minute shopping on the last day before we head back to KL *sob*

Adios Singapore !!!

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