Jan 5, 2010

BBQ night

A simple and casual outfit for an equally casual night out with friends on New Year’s Day.

Black MNG Top : stolen from Mum
Short Jean : found in my wanderlust closet

SST invite all of us to joined her dancing society for BBQ dinner during new year eve and I decided to join them as I won't said 'NO' to food ;)) afterall, I don't have any plan too..
*Pathetic isnt it* ;((

Them busy BBQ, while I busy taking picture with any moving objects ;p

U see !!
People busssyy BBQ, this cat bussyy sleeping over here.. Grrr
and yet snoring like a pig in FRONT of me *sweat*

Picture time !!
Thats me and Yinnie

Me and SST

Who tried to make me looks tall in this picture and yet I still looks like a dwarf ;((

Uhm, much betta now ;))

Last but not least, Ms.Lee (moi long lost sista)
Almost all the teachers in my school thought we're TWINS.. *sad*

Anyhoo, that's us, caught gossiping.. oopps, I mean BBQ-ing..

After the dinner plus supper, we thought of trying some jump shot with my "pah lia" 5.1 megapixel camera

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5 *tired*

Yep, we failed miserably *sweat sweat sweat*
T4 we changed and played something else.. something 'high school'
Pulling people's hair..
(1 of the favourite and all-time-activities in girl school)

Seems like Ms.Lee enjoyed pulling my hair..

but I enjoyed biting her too.. *wink wink*

Next, we start posing with our childhood idol

Deng deng deng, Ultraman!!!

and Sailormoon..

After a short break, we continue with our second jump shoot trial =))

Failed again.. Tra la la~

Jump shoot on pause mode, grp shot time =)

Finally, we make it.. altho SST's head is missing but at least we managed to snap her armpit ;p

Fundamentally, Ms.Lee was still very unhappy about the previous biting incident,
t4 she attempted to push me into the pool...

But I can still pose like Tyra Bank *cough* even thou im in great danger *Proud*

Lets end this post with a kickstart for a brand new year !!!
Happy New Year 2010 !!!

- The End -

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