Jan 21, 2010

Wedding Dinner

This is the day whereby I'll had so much of owhsoyummylicious food esp shark fin, abalone, prawn, dessert, etc and most importantly I can wear dress and high heels. Well, I m not complaining. Bcos it just gives me excuses to buy more and more dresses and I like it!!!

Picture Post :

Retarded me and mum

I know I haven't been posting the pictures of my crazeypartey tequila nights or my bloody beetroots. But then har, there is actually quite a few so I might have to re-organize everything before posting it. Which I will do, when I m not so lazy or busy and when I m more free. Technically I m free now but then sleep is beckoning for me again. So I m going to watch my movies - two and a half men, gilmore girls, gossip girl, how i met your mother, everything from season 1 to whatever. I'll be sitting back, be a true couch potato, munching my favourite snacks (Chipster, chocholates, etc) and hugging my bantal busuk wtfwtf. I m actually a living miracle I must confess... tee-hee

Pst: I m still looking for American Pie 7 (Damn me) and
I'm trying to revamp my blog layout because it looks so 'yesterday',
hence I'm busy html-ing.. shoo~
Don't disturb, I'll BITE !

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