Jan 4, 2010

I hate Myself !

NO! I don't hate you.. I just hate MYSELF even more
I hate myself to let you appeared in my life and ruined it
I could have just listened to my friends.

Ironically, I never thought I could hate a person like this, more than ever...
Yes, congratulations to YOU
You've made a big impact in my fucking life... Bravo!

You always want to know why do I HATE YOU so much,
and here's the reasons...
  • I hate you for your irresponsible, childish and agony behaviour
  • I hate you for being an ostrich when it comes to conflict (sticking your head in the sand when any trouble arises)
  • I hate you for every discussion we try to have turns into a screaming match, you literally pushes me into rage with your so-called ignorance.
  • I hate you for every lies you've made
  • I hate you arguing about stupid issues - swears at me, deflects everything I say to you back to me, everything is always my fault. You says I am mean to you. Then you follows with "I don't really mean that - I just don't know what else to do". or "I say that out of anger". (BULLSHITS)

After what you've done to me for the past few months. Yes!!! I still hate you 'every single day' and the thought of you makes me sick to my stomach. I hate everything about you and I hate you for what you've did to me. I don't know what to do because I don't think I'll ever be able to stop hating you now or in the future. Thus, if anything happens to my grandma.

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