Jan 28, 2010

I hate my hair

LOOK !!!

My hair is so frizzy, puffy and MESSY = HORRIBLE!

Ain't I looks like a mad porcupine...?

Sometime I don't even dare to look at the mirror

cos I look somewhat scary..

as scary as Ju-On

but in 'kiut-er' version ;p tee-heee-heee

Personally, I don't remember ever having a good hair day. My hair is so freaking frizzy, frisky, annoying, disgusting and messy that... well, you get the picture.. and I looks like an extra character from Star Trek or something.. FML

moreover my hair is those naturally curly type but it’s never been just totally curly - it’s like a combination of spirals, loose waves and then the top gets really flat...
so, ending up i looks like a poodle *sob*
and I really HATE this unruly curl


The only time that my hair looks puurfectly nice is when i wash it, it stays niceee and straight, but when it dries, it become all frizzed up, like a LION! *roar* esp my fringe, it curl up like those old fashioned English people!! it's awful, and the worst thing is that i have to straighten it to stop the curls!
i hate straightening it, i hate sitting in the saloon for hours!!! and yet thats the ONLY way to stop myself looking like a lunatic lion than a sexy unruliness with natural curl

Btw, I know I sounds like some mental people who are grouchy and moody, rambling about how moody and grouchy am I with this wriggly, wavy and weird curl.. LOL! so I think its time to stop this hair disaster thingy as its ady 2.15a.m..

Nite people !!!

- The End -

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