Jan 25, 2010

Last minute cancel

I know I m a bitch who always canceling plans last minute
Seriously, I've no idea how fuckup I am till last Saturday
altho my bitchy last minute cancel attitude had been published publicly in FACEBOOK
I doubt everyone knows how fuckup am I
And it really happens EVERY time when ever I've make any plans whether that be with a friend, bestfriend, boyfriend or family member, it always turned out to be a cancellation due to circumstances that I cant be helped. Not to said, i didn't care or etc.. but things just happen..

I often feel really disappointed when this happens, and then I feel bad and i know it's my fault. I know I m really selfish cow and it makes me feel really rubbish and yet i'm canceling my tmr's gossip plan with Liz Young -.-

Signing off:
Selfish cow.. Moo~

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