Jan 8, 2010

I'm difficult

Hip Hip Huuuurrrraaayyyy! I've broken a new record. 275, 800 in Bejeweled Blitz.. Although its not as "ter-rer" as the others but I'm happy enough to beat Linda at the moment *applouse*

Anyhoo, I know that I've been blogging less and less lately. But I just can't stop myself from being such a pathetic procrastinator. It's like I've been telling myself, I should update.. I should update, but still I havent update anything about my effing boring life. Well, mostly cos I do not know what to update or blog about as my life is just like.. I dunno. Like a very routine-y life. Yep, I think so, my life now is anything but a routine. Sometimes, I wish there was more consistency in it.

Everyday I'll wake up motionless, Go out, Get back. Couch-potato-ing, Surf Net. Sleep like a pig and Repeat the same things next day.

T4 I really don't have much to blog about. I don't really go out much either. I don't have an exciting life *im serious* But in 30 days more, I'll back to my late nights with random pop by's in the clubs whereby music may take my breathe away as well as the soul with good companion (Moi lil mosquitoe) she's all i need for the time being but when the night ends, just bring me somebody to make me dinner or somebody to tuck me to bed with fulfilling kiss and promise so that I've no longer suffering from insomnia...

Eventually 2009 have been a ride, like a real hardcore roller-coaster ride of perpetual screaming, heartbreaks (Yep, as you may see this year I lost the love of my life but the boy has taught me so much in life), development of new friendship, new interest and whatever shit you can think of .
This is all about how the truth hurts, regardless of your intellect, interests and abilities; it all scales down to one priority and once the goal is reached, things slowly but surely shutdown, hues begin to fade. And now everything's clogged up in my mind, I'm tucked in between of job and passion, thus I'm financially broke, subconsciously or consciously? Regardlessly, it happen.

See.. that's how exciting my life is wtf. And I'm really only blogging now coz I've got nothing else better to do. Well, actually I could just go out and meet up with friends or starts making new friends and mingle and jingle-ing around *thats what David Foo told me*. But I was kinda gung-ho with my current motionless, motiveless and meaningless life, t4 i choose to stay at home for the next 30 days till the day she came back to tanah airku .. whee

Or maybe I'll just stop blogging all together. I'm thinking probably a lot of ppl who used to read me think that I'm just so eff-ing boring and starts unsubscribe me from their list or remove me from their bookmark. So maybe I should.

Maybe. Just.. maybe....

BUT my blog is my only companion, a place whereby i called it as HOME. An ear to listen to all my insight blahness without complaining.. tee-hee! Without my blog, I dunno where I shud shed my tears, complain and rambling about anything and everything, etc. btw this post isnt about how emo i am or whatso-ever you wanna think about, its just another entry where my thoughts are being jotted down. Last but not least, words are unable to describe the whole gung-ho situation and my feelings right now. Yep, i rant and rant and rant.
and now you should stop reading and close the page, and probably never return to onewingangelic.blogspot.com.

I apologize.. and
I promise to be better tomorow.

In the mean time, I shall end this post with a picture of uhm... Epal cause I know u'll choose to view Epal's picture rather than mine..

Stay Tune !!!

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