Jun 1, 2010

H a r l o

Wokay, this post is going to be extremely random wtf..

dot dot dot...
dot dot dot dot....
dot dot dot dot dot.....

Uh-oh, my mind is totally blank at the moment,
and I really do not know what to write about wtf.
All I can think of... is....

(insert picture of me, the prettiest one anyone has ever seen)
Nette's camwhore spirit is Back in action !!!

So here is the back-dated picture of me and moi sista(s)

My dear lovely Epal Kuek,
posing with her chocolate vanilla

and here is my second crime partner : Yinnie Ong


Epal pm-ed me for drinks a couple weeks ago,
she told me that she need someone to talk to due to..,
and of cos I'll always be there for her
altho she had conned me lotsa times -
I won't forget how she got me to drive up til Old Klang road
for Dim Sum instead of shopping @ mv wtf
and poignant me with bad management skills,
invited Thim along instead of meeting him at KL area for dinner...
OMFG ! I know my schedule is so freaking messy and unorganized,
t4 I usually mix 2/3 grps in every of my outings
(Ain't Im good in multi-tasking ?) ;p hahaha

FYI I looks like busy but actually im not as busy as u thought wtf
You get what I mean ? You don't ?!!!
OKAY fine, ignore me as usual please

Ok, I am blabbing again. End of story. Time to ciao.

Buh bye..

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