Jun 21, 2010

The toilet inventor

I know, I've been neglecting my porky blog again... Sry!
I'm really very de busy lately
I know same ol' excuse!
I shud think of a new excuse for neglecting my unglam blog..
Uhm, mayb I shall said Im busy inventing a new portable toilet bowl
so I can shit when ever and where ever I want ;p
and you'll go vava-voom to see me in front page of the every newspapers
esp FML.com with the headline - "Lynette the crazee toilet inventor" ;p

Btw, I'm free for 5 minites today so i decided to use it preciously
by updating my death fish blog
as I'd just finished busy with Hari Pameran @ TUDM
New experience I shall said, enjoyed all the stuns did by the air force - esp parachutes
Sorry, no pictures as I'm stil saving my arse to get myself a camera -_-lll


Anyhoo, I realized things changed - my life, my work, my interest, myself
Its kinda like a turning point or maybe its those midlife crisis ? fml
I felt like im breaking down soon...
I learned much to my disappointment...

Hence the only things that may enlighten my mood is food
I need food therapy

My fav Taiwan Noodles @ Ampang Point
*Highly recommended by Lynette*

and here is the outfit of the day

Floral dress (Fashionlicious)

They said I looks like grandma rather than a red carpet stunner or a butt-kicking Avatar in this floral dress -_-llll
What says you ?

- The End -

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