Jun 3, 2010

Ruffles Maniac

I'm not that great at adding color to my outfits. I am a huge lover of grey, black, and white. Yes, so most of the time you'll saw me either in black, grey or white.
or mayb because I'm born to be melancholic wtf.

Outfit of the day :

And I think myself is a ruffles enthusiast – i have piles and piles of them (probably more than i need – hence, surplus), and I’m always searching for more. I’ve been eyeing over a new white ruffles top again altho the price is 3x of my favourite brand wtf. Can anyone get rid the shopaholic maniac syndrome inside of me ?


Remember in my last few posts,
I've been begging people for free mobile phone in a jokingly way ?
*maybe I sound too serious at times wtf im sorry*
hence, this is what I got in my letter box today..

A box of new hp...

Thankiu sender..
Pls ignore my messy table, I know my working station is a mess -_-lll

- The End -

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