Jun 28, 2010

Happy Father's Day

celebrated at Korean Sushi @ Ampang

Idk what happen to me lately
as last week im so crazee with crab
and... this week I am craving for Korean food.. fml
is this what they called as "Growing Stages" ?
or more to "Growing Old" ? *sweat*

Anyhoo, my DAD is not a big fan of Korean food
but I am ;p tee-hee
hence I dragged him to Korean Village @ Ampang
altho he keeps mumbling and grumbling that he prefer
to have steamboat @ Cheras
but I just ignore him as usual... fml!
I know I know, im sucha bad daughter ;p tee-hee!

Anyhoo, let me present you few dishes that we ordered on that night

im chi is crunchy, tangy, salty, addictively spicy and less pungent. The panchan dishes such as spicy cockles, bean sprouts, omelette with sausages and sweet pumpkin has been ‘malaysianised’ to suit our taste budBindaeduk (korean pancake)

Daeji Galbi (BBQ pork ribs)

BBQ Chicken


Unagi set

Sweet & Sour pork rice

Last but not least, my favourite of the night
Spicy Kimchi soup...

Pppssssttt!!! DAD !!! Steamboat @ Cheras this week kay ? ;p
But you gonna pay the bill ;p
Bua ha ha ha ha~
Im sucha good daugher... rite DAD ?


I you DAD!

- The End -

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