Jun 24, 2010

Seafood freak

Idk what's wrong with me..
its kinda like morning sickness (nausea gravidarum)
or those dunno what-what pen-menstrual craving
Im suddenly so into SEAFOOD - esp CRAB... yummmm~

I bugged my dad from weekdays to weekends and from morning till noon
Idk how many phone calls I've made and email I've sent .. wtf
Luckily my wishes had finally been answered by GOD
Hence he agreed to bring me to Klang for seafood ;p
THANKS DAD! tee-hee

Picture time :

Yesterday dinner was SUPERB

But Daddy says I may ONLY choose either 1 part to eat ;(
So i keep searching and digging around,
as if I'm treasure hunting.. FML!
I know im so uncivilized at the moment
I wish I can eat all I can bt too bad,
I'm allergic to seafood
when eva I took seafood - red itchy patches will appear all over my body
and it tooks hours, days or months to recover
Luckily I doesnt have any bf to complain rite now
so I can eat when eva I want and what eva I want
or will I be lucky to find a guy who can accept who I am ? ;p

- The End -

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