Jun 2, 2010

Happy Birthday KAL

I would like to take a moment today to wish
my senior a.k.a CEO of 38 association
a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Ms Kok Ai Lin

I am blessed and fortunate to have you as my elder sister and also one of my closest friends. You'll always be there for me, at the lowest of lows and all they joys as well. Thanks for being my good listener (altho I know most of the time u dun really listen) in a way, but I'm truly appreciate and ahem I'm touched ;p Hence, I know you must be really headache to have me as your junior - and sorry for what I've done - by bringing u to the wrong place to meet up with clients, paid parking with client's calling card, frighten you with my mad cow driving skills, occupied all your time for badminton, karaoke, shopping and drinking session ;) Anyway, last but not least, Happy Burfday *muakx*

- The End -

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