Jun 14, 2010

What women hates about men

Every weekend, me and my gfs will went out for a couple of drinks at our favourite cafe. Automatically our topic will inevitably turn to men and in most cases, it will eventually turn into a massive ranting session about how hard it is these days to find a good man to date… which will lead to an intensive bitching session about the male sex in general…and inevitably wind up with a detailed list of all the traits guys have that annoy girls.

I know 'no human being is perfect' but there are some bad habits which every human being is indulging in. But these habits should never be out of limits. That's how we develop a dislike with people with certain bad habits. This is some of the habits which for sure are hated by most women.

Guys, please take note !!!

(1)The selfish
- He'll just think of himself without giving any shits on you

(2) The childish
- Acting cute ? FML!

(3) The arrogance
- He thinks he is oh-so-handsome or oh-so-attractive altho u r, please learn to be HUMBLE

(4) The emo
- One moment they are happy and the very next they become angry beasts, totally unpredictable. Women would never prefer such men.

(5) The cribo
- This kind of men want women only to vent out their feelings about how unjust life has been to them.

(6) The bad mouth
– Some men who likes to bad-talk about woman or use foul language.

(7) The show-off
- Girls can’t stand when a man will put you on blast for something he does all the time! esp towards his friends or in front of his friend.

(8) The unhygienic
- Guys who are lack of hygiene etiquette shud police your hygiene and hand washing!

(9) The casanova
- Guys who ogle at girls and flirt all the time

(10) The despo
They are desperate for everything. They cannot stand delays and waits.

- The End -

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