May 6, 2011

Denim craze

Hi lovelies how are you all, here is another backdated post (。◕‿◕。)
Sentimos !

Today I am going to blog about Fashion ;) I know, I know.. I haven't been updating nor uploading my daily outfit and etc. As I told you I am seriously broke nowdays, so no shopping, no new outfit, no new shoes, no new accessories, NOTHING ;( So-cham!

BTW and FYI I was a denim craze back-then, but-then I am still crazy for denim ❤ Ever since last year, the denim-oh-denim look has made a comeback. and denim has always been an everyday staple, but Spring's upcoming edition will spotlight it even more

Got this awesome shirt couples months ago @ for RM 19.90 and the ripped jeans from Pumpkin at RM 69.9.. My personality is ‘just jeans’. These days you may caught me wearing white tee, faded Jean jacket and tight kaki jean every single day. It's my everyday's outfit, simple yet edgy ;)

Scroll down for more pictures ;)


- The N -

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