May 10, 2011

Urban romance

My blog has gone shit.. watafak and fakmualife -_-lll its sad thou, but apparently not sad enough to do anything about it. And as if there's people who are reading my blog except me who keep viewing and reading it, like 37462375627868 billions time a day... *sweat betoi*

I think it's basically my problem. Everyday, I go to work, home, eat, shower, check my email, Facebook, Cityville, watch a little TV and go to bed. Repeat. Repeat. and Repeat. Would you like to read it ? OF COS NO, aite ? Duh! YOU SEE ! YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA READ MY UNGLAM LIFE. So how am I going to blog anymore ? However I'll still post out my boring unglam life to bored you guys til yawn and fall asleep.

Lately, I'm stucked at home with SK bcos he's having his final ;) So being (a) understanding yet caring GF (me, yes me), I should accompany him study!!! although my finger keep clicking Cityville and seems like it will never stop ;p FML! Yes, im too addicted but imma getting bored lately *Smack head*

Cut the craps, let me upload some pictures of my cute idiotic ahB ;p

Studying ?
No !!! He's eating again than studying ..
One word - FAT !

He, smiling happily when there's food in front of him *sweat kali dua*

He's been burning midnight oil almost every-night,
t4 he needs a break - MASK !
ahahaha... mua ahB yg mao cantik ;p

He acting kiut ? Oh-gawd!
But not as cute as me ;p *wink wink*

Call him study, he sleep pulak ! KNS betoi!


and this is my artwork ;)
Punishing him for not studying...

Tadaa! Ain't he looks macho while he's bz studying ?!
Much love

It may look bored to you but it's the happiest time i ever had. It's like the good old days, whereby my mum keep nagging me to study and now it's my turn to shout at him. Luckily the exam ends today or else I think I'm going to die of high blood pressure ;p

The End.

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