May 4, 2011

Wall Deco Sticker

Another backdated post, GOMENASAI !!!

Wanted to share this long-long time ago,
and it was too long til I forgot about it
until I saw the pictures in my iPhoto *selfslap*
Sowee la dey !

Btw, here is the pictures of the 3 wall deco stickers that I bought for my room ;)

The blossom bloom which I messed it with my mum
Yes, we're acting like a smartarse
sticking it without looking at the instruction.. FML!
and it turn-out like tat, totally diff from the ori pic
oh well, i think its not tat bad... rite ?
I guess so ;p

and this is the another one at the sitting area in my room ;)

Last but not list, my favorite of all,
the birdie cage
Naise ?

Pst ! Sorry for the low quality picture..
Yes, I know .. I should get myself a new camera..
But Im seriously broke nowdays
Saving my arse to BKK and I just got myself a Fujifilm Mini 25.. FML 99 !

I find it quite pricey, therefore I use 2 days to survey by clicking from 1 website to another website from day to night checking for the lowest price and the fastest delivery service ;p and end up i found it.. 3 of this cost me RM 105, and I got it the next day I made my payment. Whee~

I am saving my money to buy myself another 2 more for my room ;)
I'm thinking to get myself *as attached below*

Picture tree so that I can pass my polaroid on it ;)

or a fake-clock to remind me as I always late for work/appointment .. FML!

Pst ! I am thinking to change the layout for my blog or to improve it. Any suggestion ? You can email me suggestion at A free wall deco sticker will be giving out for the best suggestion ;)

H[o]pe to hear from you soon.

- The End -

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Nick said...

hehehe... nice deco!