Dec 1, 2007

My addiction *snort*

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to F*******!!

It’s awesome. After signing up a long long time ago, I didn’t use it much until recently when I started getting friend requests and started poking around. I’m impressed. It’s the best social network out there, by a long shot.

This has to be the most addictive thing on the planet! It's not alcohol, nor tobacco, nor gambling or any other strange vice you can think's Facebook!

And unlike drinking, smoking or gambling, you can do it at home, college, office and anywhere is you have a electronic device which you can go online! Looking after your virtual aquarium, sending attractive gifts to your friends altho u’r deadly broke, purchasing gorgeous bag and stunning shoes *jumping joyfully*,

I start falling in love with Facebook and now I cant stop myself from superpoked everyone *rolls eyes*, and simply picking fights just for street credits. *I know u hate me, bt SORRY* LOL

I cant stop myself from playing pirate, werewolf, petrolhead, zombie, and etc. ARrrRRRrrggggghHHhhhhHHh!! I need to stop facebook-ing and start doing my thesis and assignment >.<>

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