Dec 16, 2007

Exam *snort*

Zingi just remind me that we have another 4 more weeks to final… zZzzzZzz *snort* Gawd,. I hate exams, I truly hate exams. Let's just put it in this way, right from the start of my school life starting from the age of seven I have never study really hard, in short form "mugging", for all my exams, with the exceptional case of stern rigid pushing by my mum during my primary school life to secondary school life toward diploma and headed for degree. Well at least I have pass my chemistry and add maths.... ha ha ha !!

I wonder what's the point of studying so hard? So that we are able to prove your knowledge and to get a better life with that pathetic piece of paper. Stop telling me that exams are a form of self test to see if you have learned enough. Whatever it is, it is all rubbish, fucking bullshit for exams to even exist. So I came up with ten reasons or rather ten excuses to indulge myself in self-delusion...

Ten Stupid reasons why I will never "mug" for exams..

1. Judging from my droopy, lazy looking eyes, you know that I'm born an ultimate SLACKER in life. Sorry, but I can't blame myself to be born like that.

2. I know right from the start of nursery that I'm born a smart and intelligent gal. I have mastered the art of crapping during exams and it is unquestionably capable of making shit into "facts" on my paper.

3. How can you even study when you have a big comfy queen size bed, filled with 4 fuggly cuddly pillows, 4 teddies + 1 dog that tempting you to come onto bed.

4. I am a self declared major TV and internet addict. I am glued to the TV and my laptop like 23 hours a day with the rest of the remaining 60 minutes spent on sleeping. I am proud to be a living TV guide; you ask me anything I will answer it. I wouldn't mind watching any rubbish that is aired on TV. TV and internet is my life!!!! I will die without internet connection esp during assignment season.. But streamyx suckz *snort*

5. I will start snacking when I'm studying. But the problem with me is that I have a really “small” mouth thus I eat really “slow”. So if I have studied for half an hour, I will then snack on 2 packets of potato chips for the remaining half an hour. So that will be one hour of studying to me just by laying on the bed (bcos I don’t have a table for studying) and another half an hour of studying begins and followed by another half an hour of snacking on chocolate, junky and etc. Another half an hour of studying for me again and followed by another half an hour of snacking for me on a packet of M & M's crispy. By the end, after all the snaking snaking and snaking, I can feel the need to sleep because of the exercising of my brain and my mouth.

6. I am a natural daydreamer. Looking at lines after lines of words will drift me into my reverie of the day I being a superstar *lol*

7. I strongly believes and advocates, last minute studying aka "last minute hugging of the buddha's leg" because this will bring out the maximum capability within an individual by teaching you the art of speed reading and the art of squashing whatever you can remember into your tiny brain.

8. I will never ever cry for bad grades. Even if I know that I might fail my paper, I will not feel gloomy and heartrending as if it is the end of the world. In short, grades have never been my main concern in life.

9. I prefer working as freelance; I can’t help myself sticking my butt in front of my working place for more than 8-10 hours a day. I just want a simple life and I think I wont have the chance to climb the corporate ladder so a degree cert doesn’t really seems that important to me cos I belif that experience, rapport, luck and chances are more vital. And who knows I could be a tai tai, whose main occupation is to shop, play mahjong and to still make myself look pretty, when I simply know that my lovely and capable husband will bring home the bling bling to me. So, what's the point of studying so hard when I know that my life is destined to be a tai tai *lol* (I still prefer to stand on my own leg)

10. Lastly, what's the point of studying so hard if you know that you will never be able to apply what you have studied when you stepped out into working life.

Well I guessed I'm crapping rubbish again. I am just not born to be a "mugger". *snort*

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