Dec 29, 2007

One Earth, One Heart

It's been a physically tiring and emotionally stressing week :-
thesis, wwF campaign, Uk registration and etc
Anyhoo, Our One Earth One Heart awareness campaign have draw to a close
This campaign is tiring yet frustrating (of cos) but fun and happie at the end

I was friggin tired.
non-stop vacation :- Bangkok -> Spore -> Campaign -> Thesis -> VIVA
Once im back to Kay-ell,
I have to rushed to college for the whole thingy and booth setup
Arranging, organizing and decorating from 7p.m til 12a.m wif empty stomach
Hungry, Tiring and Annoying *snort*
So here is some of the pics from the campaign
This is 1 of the show performance for the open ceremony
p/s : He almost burned our tempopary ugly pai seh banner *snort*

Guess wert, this clumsy and poignant (me)
Woke up late on the 1st day of the campaign
Luckily PuiPui phoned me *snort*
The next day late again bcos I oh-li-tu
I drank too many packets of Free Soyas due to my own greediness
���Padan muka!!-

The two days campaign is fun and of course, tiring.
All of us find ourself so tired that we barely try to complete this
AHMC 5454 PR Campaign Planning and Management
This duffer is truly tiring pulling out from Ms.LCC���s bag of tricks.

1st day : It was certainly strenuous with long hours of
PR-ing, intense gaming, Drawing, Guessing and Poking,
demo-ing and even cheating *snort*
I couldnt stand and talk at all but I have no choice
I need to complete my mission
So far ��� Mission Half Completed ���
Hip hip hooraayy ~~!
Still need to wait for the evaluation *haih~~~!*

I started to have this dreading of Soya phobia
Drank 5-6 packets of Soya on the 1st day
Yes, I still happily drinking it w/o worrying of anything
Bcos we received 1 thousand cartons of SoyRich from the sponsor
So the next day I felt terrible with bad diarrhea bacterial gastroenteritis
It could be cause by the bacterial overgrowth in the packet drinks
Or its close to to the expiry date ?!
God knows *snort*
So the next day I feel like puking when eva I get near to the SoyRich
Keep giving away the drinks to the Tarcian
Carton by cartoon, packet by packet, boxes by boxes
And yet we still have 50 over cartons is the dancing room
Oh god, pls save me away from the SoyRich
So I recommended the public to buy SoyRich if they have problem with shitting
Feeling constipated ?
Try SoyRich *wink*

More pics to upload.. Taa !!

Freaking tired til i washed my face with colgate

and brush my teeth with cleanser *snort*

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