Dec 12, 2007

Moi Bangkok Trip *snort*

Hi all! I have been letting my blog untouched for weeks. Thank you for visiting my nonsense blog during that untouched period. It���s good to write and update my story once in a blue moon *snort*

I got my hair cut, I feel happy and sad in the same time... I missed having it long *sob*, bt thinking of cutting it shorter next week thou *snort* itchy backside

Basically, I���ve just came back from Bangkok..
4days 3nights of Bangkok trip (shopping paradise) has just ended SO QUICKLY!!!!! WHY?!!!
It was exhausted but fruitful trip.

Reach Bangkok around 1p.m.. Custom queue, hotel check-in and etc.. Its about 3p.m dy.. *hungry* After treating our stomach with delicious Thai chicken rice, we officially started our shopping spree!

Went to MBK, Suan Lum Bazaar, Chatuchak, Siam Paragon, Robinson and etc!
I with the mind only thinking of "shopping"....
We bravely walk into the mall and bazaar to shop like a crazy woman
Buy buy buy, shop shop shop.. Sometimes even bargain till dat ppl wanna chop off me *sob*

My first day : MBK mall
MBK is like Sg.Wang in Kuala Lumpur. Price range between low to mid. For ladies, if you want to buy Wacoal, this is where you should go!

My second day : Chatuchak Weekend Market (highly recommended)
You wouldn't want to miss Chatuchak Weekend Market - A large open public ground on Phahonyothin Road. The market is a paradise for browsers and bargain hunters alike. 2 T-shirts for THB100!! Or 3 blouse for THB100!!! Can you believe it?! Things that you can found there basically from A to Z. Basically spend almost entire morning there till noon, where the weather really kills, once in a blue moon shop like this is ok... anyway, left Chatuchak around 3pm and then intend to back hotel for a nice sleep and shower

Grand Palace and Erawan Shine
This inner-city reverence landmark contains several buildings with highly detailed architectural features. Wat Phra Kaeo within the same compound, is a treasure house of Thai arts, and houses the Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha image in Thailand.

My Third day : Ocean World and Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon is a shopping mall similar to Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur. High end shopping mall with branded boutiques. Nothing much I could afford or feel worthwhile to spend that amount of money on.

I am really happy with my loot. Bought loads of stuff���shoes, clothes, and etc
Shopped and came home with like countless of plastic bags filled with gorgeous things.
I shopped till my ankles nearly gave way. My arms were breaking for the entire load.
Gawd! I was already almost out of cash so I told myself to restrain and cut budget
YEAH RITE! I came home with SO MUCH LOOT that I felt guilty.
Guilty and regret for not buying more.. I still have bout 1800++ Thai baht *sob*
Bought pajamas! I mean I NEVER buy pajamas cos I didn���t wear pajamas...
But I guess it���s always good to wear pajamas to sleep once in a while.
Now I got to figure out when to wear those pajamas.
Anyhoo, there were just soooooooo much good stuff to be bought.
My legs were KILLING me. My arms were about to drop off.
Ya ya, I noe I kept repeating it bt im way too excited���
It���s indeed a memorable journey to remember with the occasion sore feet *snort*

i know this bangkok trip written blog is a bit too long , even i myslef also get bored. OK, lets do this fast n clean
Eventually I felt in love with Bangkok..
I love their easy & inexpensive transportation that will get you anywhere
Unlike Malaysia, the taxi meter crazily increase once u���r in da TAXI and the taxi is so grubby
Shopping! I missed shopping over there..
U can get nice T-shirt in Rm 3 (lowest) and Rm 23 (da highest)
Their citizens is so friendly and nice��� Tat makes me feel good
The people in Thailand do smile about 90% more than Malaysians, and are much friendlier to foreigners than any other nation I've been to, including the Aussie or Korea. If you look lost, within seconds someone will "help you". All I met were polite, nice and friendly though some times they lied to make profit.
And last but nt least, da food is AWESOOM.. Tomyam, samtom, n etc

This is my first visit to the land of smiles... and we surely left the place smiling. It is a country very rich in culture... it has endured to preserve the past so the present and the future will have a good glance and appreciate the lasting beauty and culture of Thailand

p/s : More photo of moi Bangkok trip in moi next post *stay tune* Taaa !!

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